Narrow definition of success the root cause of rat race

I have been very amused to read the various articles and letters that have been published ever since the Ministry of Education first mooted the idea of discarding the Primary School Leaving Examination T-score system.

I completely agree with Jazlin Tan Kaiqian ("New PSLE system may not ease pressure on pupils"; July 15).

We have to seriously ask ourselves what the root cause of this rat race is.

It seems that it is the narrow definition of success in Singapore - earning scholarships and having a smooth, accelerated and protected career path in a handful of top professions.

It is a horrible rat race.

But what is success eventually?

It is a system where even construction workers are paid fairly and high enough, and where people are less worried about whether or not their children become doctors, lawyers, consultants or scholarship holders.

Children who have an interest in, say, cars and parts can be left alone to pursue their interests, safe in the knowledge that they will be paid enough to survive.

The new PSLE banding system is not going to remove stress, but it is a step in the right direction.

Pan Fucheng