My teachers, my counsellors and my friends

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms Jenny Yeo that if a teacher's dedication and passion have touched you, why not show your appreciation with a note or a word of thanks ("Parents' support is key to success"; Nov 2)?

Singapore students and parents sometimes do not show enough appreciation to school teachers.

They do not understand how hard our teachers work, especially in Singapore's stressful education system.

In two weeks, I will be graduating from primary school. As I reflect on my time in school, I have come to realise how my teachers went the extra mile to help me, not just academically but also emotionally.

My science teacher, Mrs Ng Lih Ping, is one such example.

Last year, I misplaced quite a few of my worksheets. Instead of being upset and reprimanding me for being careless and forgetful, Mrs Ng took the time to photocopy another set for me to complete.

Seeing her go through all that trouble, even though she was extremely busy, motivated me to become more attentive to my work.

Another teacher who motivated me is my English teacher, Mrs Chan Sze Hwee.

When I did not do well for my projects, she took the time to guide me in planning my drafts again, right down to the little details.

When I was disappointed with my results, she spent a lot of time talking to me. She inspired me not only to become a better pupil, but also a better person.

These are just two of the many teachers whose help and advice I am so grateful for.

My teachers are not merely people who impart academic knowledge to help me pass exams. They are my counsellors and friends.

I am truly grateful to all my teachers who worked so hard to teach me, help me, shape me and inspire me in more ways than they will ever know.

Lauren Yeo Jen-Yin