Muslims not 'bad guys' in war on ISIS

This is a very trying time for all Muslims.

We are facing an unprecedented backlash from around the world due to a small, fascist and violent group who call themselves the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The group's beliefs are the opposite of what Islam preaches.

I grew up in Singapore and I am a Muslim. We are very fortunate that even though we are a minority, we are free to practise our faith.

I have completed national service (NS) and continue doing my part for my country as an operationally ready national serviceman.

I love Singapore and will protect it with my life.

Some people overseas are, sadly, depicting Muslims as the problem and as the bad guys. But we must not let them influence us.

Remember the regional terror group Jemaah Islamiah that was planning attacks in Singapore?

Their targets included Yishun MRT station, as well as the United States and Israeli embassies in Singapore, and the attacks had been planned for 2001 and 2002.

Some members were detained before they could execute their plans.

We overcame that trying period.

We, Muslims in Singapore, never agreed with their cause. And we will never agree with the ideals and beliefs ISIS holds.

Our police force, civil defence force and army are filled with our Muslim youth serving NS. If non-Muslims think Islam is ISIS, then there will be chaos.

This is our promise: We will protect Singapore from ISIS. We must not let them win.

Mohamad Noorhakeem Rahmat