Muslims, non-Muslims must work together to fight threat of radicalism

The recent arrests of 27 Bangladeshi workers came as a shock to Singaporeans ("27 radicalised Bangladeshis held under ISA"; Jan 21).

We have always viewed Bangladeshi workers as being here to earn an honest living.

Moreover, Bangladeshis are familiar faces at local mosques and are known to help out at activities, especially during the Ramadan period.

While we are grateful for the good intelligence work and subsequent swift action taken by the authorities, questions remain as to how vulnerable Singapore can be if we do not remain vigilant against the elements and dangers of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism.

It is also important to stress that the solution to such threats must lie in Muslims and non-Muslims working together to denounce such tendencies. All Singaporeans should appreciate that the vast majority of the Muslim community is against such radical teachings.

We must continue to remind ourselves that the peace and security that we have achieved must never be taken for granted, and we must not allow anyone to exploit any racial and religious issues that may sow distrust and discord among our citizens.

Abdul Halim Kader