MSF's quick clarification reassuring

I am heartened by the Ministry of Social and Family Development's (MSF) prompt clarification of the rules on carpark spaces for the handicapped (Handicapped spaces: Room for flexibility, says MSF; Aug 4).

Focusing on a few specific types of disabilities is well-intentioned. For instance, it highlights those who are in need of more support.

However, this may result in society subconsciously prioritising these disabilities as being more serious than other forms of disability, and neglecting the others.

People with any form of disability require care and concern from society and should not be left out from access to handicapped parking.

Disabled people who do not fit into the given criteria may also be discouraged from going out, as the parking spaces they find may be too far from the entrance of the building and they might not be able to walk such a long distance.

There are a wide range of disabilities, and the MSF should review cases on a case-by-case basis to prevent any disabled person from falling between the cracks.

Low Zi Lin (Miss)