Move bus stop for elderly residents' benefit

The past few years have seen the development of Casa Clementi and NUS University Town.

Yet, the position of bus stop number 17099 - located in Clementi Road heading towards West Coast Highway and after Dover Road - has not changed for decades.

I suggest that this bus stop be replaced with two new bus stops.

The first new bus stop should be about 100m north of the current one and should serve only services 96, 151 and 183.

Residents of Casa Clementi often take these three buses, usually from Clementi Central, with heavy bags of groceries. By creating this new bus stop, we will be saved that additional 100m walk.

This distance may seem trivial for the young, but it is a daily ordeal for the increasing number of elderly residents at Casa Clementi.

This first new bus stop will also be convenient for those who happen to be closer to the northern end of NUS University Town.

The second new bus stop should be about 100m south of the current bus stop and should serve the same five bus services as the current bus stop.

This second new bus stop would be convenient for those who happen to be closer to the southern end of University Town.

This is an opportune time to consider the above suggestion, because Clementi Road is currently being widened and I was informed that there is already a plan to adjust, but only slightly, the position of this current bus stop.

Sum Lue Peng (Madam)