Mountable kerbs keep traffic flowing during a breakdown

Lengkok Bahru is one of the seven Silver Zones that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has implemented for estates with a high number of elderly residents.

This traffic scheme includes a series of senior-friendly road safety features.

The stretch of road in Lengkok Bahru mentioned by Mr Lim Wah Fong ("What's the plan if vehicle breaks down on single-lane road?"; Forum Online, Feb 1) has been converted to two single-lanes to slow down motorists and encourage them to look out for pedestrians.

Perception surveys have shown that this is an effective safety feature.

To ensure that vehicles, especially emergency vehicles, can bypass a broken-down vehicle when it is safe to do so, we have designed a low centre divider that is mountable if motorists drive over it slowly.

Motorists play an important role in making our roads safer for all users and, with time, they will get used to these new road safety features. We thank all road users for their understanding and for joining us in creating a safer environment for our senior pedestrians.

Helen Lim (Ms)

Group Director, Corporate Communications

Land Transport Authority