Motorists shouldn't stop in middle of the road for minor accidents

Yesterday, I saw two motorists, whose vehicles had been involved in a minor accident, stop their cars in the middle of the road to take pictures and exchange particulars.

As a result, the traffic flow was impeded and there was a traffic congestion.

Many motorists do this even in the slightest of accidents, despite there being no injuries and the vehicles still being movable.

Sometimes, the parties involved refuse to admit liability and arguments follow, leading to a further delay in the removal of the vehicles.

Accidents also lead to other curious motorists slowing down their vehicles to gawk, exacerbating the traffic situation.

Could the relevant authorities do more to discourage such inconsiderate behaviour?

Perhaps the insurance companies could be roped in to help, by informing their clients about the appropriate ways to react and deal with minor traffic accidents.

Leng Kok Meng

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