More trees to come in Pek Kio estate

We thank Ms Stella Kon for her feedback (Worrying Loss of greenery, July 18).

Tanjong Pagar Town Council is currently carrying out a Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) at Blocks 41 to 43 Cambridge Road and Blocks 44 to 47 Owen Road.

Through the NRP, we will be creating more communal spaces in the precinct to foster closer social bonding and build a stronger community spirit among the residents. The NRP is carried out in consultation with a working committee comprising residents of the estate who propose the enhancements and improvement work for a better living environment.

In the course of the NRP, we have removed some trees to allow the enhancement work to take place. We will replace them with more trees when all the work is completed.

Every effort will be made to preserve the greenery in Pek Kio estate.

Shirley Aloysius

PR Manager

Tanjong Pagar Town Council

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