More safe spaces needed for less well-off kids

As a church volunteer, I visit children of all ages at their homes.

Children's Day provided a respite from studying for primary school children.

However, I do see a need for a place for these precocious children to go.

These children, some as young as seven and eight, are often left to their own devices.

Parents who are financially better off will send their children to parties, while the less well-off ones will have to stay at home or be left to loiter at void decks.

Organisations do all that they can to plan activities and celebrations for these children to ensure that they will not be left alone at home, but there is only so much we can do.

We are aware of children being left at home, as they are unsure of how to make their way to the venue or their parents are not willing to take them there.

I am writing to ask for an open-door policy in schools.

Schools could open their doors for these children on Youth Day or Children's Day. Activities need not be planned but, at least, we will have peace of mind that these children are in a safe environment when their parents are at work.

Nicole Tan Xin Yue (Ms)