More public parking spaces needed near National Library

Yesterday, I took two big bags of books to the National Library in Victoria Street to donate, as they were all fairly new and I thought it would be good to share them rather than discard them.

As the books were heavy, I looked for a parking space which would not require me to carry the heavy books over a long distance.

Unfortunately, there were none, except the reserved spaces (painted in red). I decided to park there for a short while, as there were so many empty spaces then.

The weight of the books made it necessary to make two trips. At the end of my second trip, a carpark attendant was standing by my car, checking if I was authorised to park in the red spaces.

I tried to explain to her, and later her supervisor, that my books were too heavy and that the basement carpark was too inconvenient for someone with a heavy load.

I know it was not right to park in someone's reserved space, and that the carpark attendants were just carrying out their duty.

However, I do not understand why they were so emphatic about the spaces belonging to the bosses.

This is, after all, the public's National Library.

I hope the library will consider having some space closer to the building which will allow members of the public to drop their books off easily.

It is disappointing to drive all the way there with good intentions of donating books and pay for the parking, only to get reprimanded for parking where I did for a short while.

Jane Fong Yuet Mei (Mrs)