More pressing issues for SGX than reinstating lunch break

It is odd that the Singapore Exchange (SGX) should be revisiting the lunch break issue now (SGX traders may get lunch break back soon; March 9).

In 2011, SGX scrapped the lunch break and implemented continuous all-day trading (CAT) for its equities market, much to the chagrin of many trading representatives, who had given all sorts of reasons as to why a lunch break was necessary (Brokers riled by plan to scrap lunch break; Oct 20, 2010).

Now that CAT has been in operation for the last six years or so, without dire consequences, there is no necessity for SGX to revisit this issue.

The trading reps are not starving because of it. It will not increase the current paltry trading volume, neither will it reduce it.

SGX can surely look at other more pressing issues, rather than wasting resources on deciding whether to bring back the lunch break.

Doing so only gives the impression that SGX was not very thorough in its initial assessment of the desirability of CAT, and shows an exchange that is not robust in its deliberations.

SGX should maintain the status quo.

Vincent Khoo Teng Lau