More order needed at Woodlands Checkpoint

Besides Tuas Checkpoint, Woodlands Checkpoint needs improvements as well ("Suggestions to improve Tuas Checkpoint" by Mr Mohamed Yatim Abdul Ghani; Oct 5).

Based on my experience crossing into Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint at 5.30am on Oct 5, I made the following observations:

- Disorderly motorcyclists tending to rush and cut into others' lanes without queueing.

- Excessive revving of engines by motorcyclists so as to squeeze into others' lanes.

- Lack of enforcement, leading to a "who dares wins" mentality among some motorcyclists, who were mostly foreign riders.

- Other vehicles such as cars, buses and lorries snaking all the way to the other end of the border.

- Rampant queue jumping by bus commuters, who leapt over the metal lane dividers.

Early on weekday mornings, I have also witnessed some unruliness due to the absence of enforcement personnel, which leaves law-abiding bikers on the losing end.

Many bikers who were diverted to the Old Woodlands Checkpoint gates 7 and 8 were unruly and shouted at one another when the congestion got out of control.

I would not be surprised if such shouting turned into brawls.

I hope more can be done to maintain proper controls at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

Syed Abdul Muneef Syed Muhammad