More nursing homes for seniors needed

We in Singapore are in dire need of more nursing homes for seniors which are of good quality and not only dementia-friendly ("Boost dementia-friendly landscape in nursing homes" by Dr Joshua Kua Hai Kiat; Jan 7).

Not enough has been done for seniors to live comfortably during their twilight years.

We are always told that this is due to land constraints since Singapore is a very small country.

Yet, I see places like Gardens by the Bay being built and wonder if they needed to take up so much space.

What about building a large seniors' home on Pulau Ubin or Coney Island?

We have enough gardens, parks and entertainment areas, so now, the emphasis should be on constructing homes for upper-, middle- and lower-income seniors, as we have a huge ageing population.

Subsidies should be given to only the lower-income group.

Shamim Moledina (Ms)