More important for Govt to be effective than popular

I totally agree with Lee Song Yang ("Not Govt's job to make everyone happy"; Voices of Youth, March 30).

The Government should have a consultative approach and consider the views of the public on some policies. But this need not be done for every policy.

If the Government needs to consult the public on every policy before implementation, there will be a lot of delay in policy implementation.

Also, there are always different views from different people on issues. It will be impossible to implement a policy that will please everyone.

The Government's job is to lead by implementing policies that are best for the country and the people, not to implement policies to please people or to win approval from the people.

At times, the Government will need to implement policies that are not popular but are essential. It should be allowed to do so without the apprehension of the people opposing its governance at the next election.

Let us be realistic and reasonable and not expect the Government to please or make everyone happy at the expense of implementing policies that are right for the country.

Also, the Government is not here to solve all our problems. We need to be responsible and accountable, and manage our own problems and situations.

Tan Lin Neo (Miss)