More bus services needed along Dunman Road

The stretch of Dunman Road between Tanjong Katong and Joo Chiat roads is served by only two bus services - SBS Transit services 16 and 33.

Within this short stretch of road, there are two schools, a few condominiums and some private residential estates.

Many adults and children depend on these bus services to commute, including taking them to the nearest MRT stations - Dakota or Kembangan.

Most of the time, the bus schedules are erratic. Sometimes, the buses bunch up or come at intervals of less than 5 minutes. At other times, the wait can exceed 20 minutes. In fact, service 33 can arrive at 30 minute intervals.

The bus schedules are no better, even in the morning and evening peak periods and on weekends.

The worst situation occurs just before school starts. Buses skip stops, as they are already packed, which means a long wait for the next bus.

There are more buses servicing nearby Marine Parade from Paya Lebar MRT - services 43, 134 and 135. New bus services (47 and 150) also were introduced via Marine Parade.

Why can't some of these services be diverted or allowed to ply Dunman Road so commuters have more choices and accessibility to Paya Lebar MRT?

Rosie Zaiton Mohammed (Ms)