Month-long crackdown on errant heavy vehicle drivers insufficient

An ongoing month-long operation against errant drivers of heavy vehicles to deal with the rising number of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles is laudable, but insufficient (Crackdown on errant heavy vehicle drivers; June 17).

When it comes to heavy vehicles, there should be a sustained year-round effort.

The common causes of accidents involving heavy vehicles are speeding, overloading, stressed drivers because of "per-trip" payment, faulty vehicles, the use of mobile devices while driving, and unfamiliar routes.

Pressure must be applied on heavy vehicle owners so that they, in turn, will help drivers to act safely behind the wheel.

Some of the measures they can take include ensuring that the vehicles are properly maintained, and that drivers perform pre-trip inspections and adhere to safety standards for the load they carry.

Most importantly, they have to make safety and fatigue management fundamental values of the company.

Camera and sensor systems in the vehicle can record and analyse drivers' real-world driving behaviour. The data collected could help drivers to improve.

Loong Chik Tong