Money-minded move could dent teachers' morale


I am very disappointed with the announcement that teachers will soon have to pay for parking in schools (Parking fees for teachers to kick in from August; March 27).

I am not a teacher, but I have great respect for this group of professionals who nurture our schoolchildren.

I know many of them drive out of necessity because they have to arrive early in school and rush home after a long day.

I do not agree with the reasoning that allowing teachers to park for free constitutes a taxable benefit.

If we use this logic, we may have to ask some government officials to pay for their bodyguards and traffic escorts.

Teaching is a noble profession, and we should boost rather than deflate the morale of teachers by making them pay for parking.

I know many teachers pay for things in school out of their own pockets, like buying Children's Day gifts, because they love their jobs.

If they are not money-minded when it comes to the children, why are we being money-minded towards them?

I hope the relevant authorities can reconsider this decision.

Jacqueline Lim Cheng Mui (Ms)