Mix-up over Singtel mobile contract plan

The Singtel logo seen on top of one of its buildings in Singapore.
The Singtel logo seen on top of one of its buildings in Singapore.PHOTO: ST FILE

Last September, I decided to change my daughter's phone contract plan with Singtel to a 12-month SIM-only plan.

However, two weeks after doing so, I received a bill which still indicated that I was on the previous Combo 2 plan, instead of the new one.

When I called Singtel to check why the plan wasn't changed, I was told that the line was still under the contract and will only expire in 2021.

The customer service agent also told me that according to their records, the contract actually started in 2007 and is due to expire only in 2021, which would make this the world's longest mobile phone contract plan.

Despite the agent's admission that there was a glaring error in their records, I have still not been able to get this mistake rectified over the past three months.

I have also continued receiving letters and reminders saying that I have not paid my Combo 2 plan charges for the past three months.

I hope that Singtel will be able to resolve this problem soon.

Benedict Tan