Misstep on the road can affect many lives

There were about 150 fatal accidents on the roads last year and many more which resulted in serious injury.

Every accident on the road that involves human casualties has a ripple effect.

Family members could suffer severe emotional/physical stress, which is likely compounded by the financial burden caused by hospital or medical bills and the loss of income.

Very often, the negative impact spreads to relatives, close friends and business partners, as well as organisations with whom the casualty is associated.

There are numerous reasons why accidents happen on the road, but the most common cause is the person controlling the vehicle.

Whether the vehicle has two or more wheels, the person controlling it is, in fact, driving a machine that can kill or cause irreversible injury.

Therefore, it is imperative that the person always be very alert and conscious about safety.

He should be mindful that the lives of many people will be affected should an accident occur because of his misstep.

Ivan Ho Seng Cheng