Minister will be dearly missed

I was dismayed to learn of Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew's decision to leave the Cabinet ("Lui Tuck Yew decides to leave politics"; Aug 12).

The constituency where my family has lived for more than 30 years has constantly been rezoned. Of all the MPs who have overseen our estate, Mr Lui stands out among them.

He made the most number of house visits, and I was fortunate to be home to meet him face to face several times.

When he learnt that I had retired early as an educator because of a slipped disc, he showed care and concern.

He was constantly on the ground looking at how our living conditions could be improved. One of the last projects he did was to gently persuade the residents of the remaining two blocks of flats in our estate to opt for lift upgrading.

Several years ago, before he took over, we had stubbornly opted against it; my family was one of them.

Today, we are very grateful to Mr Lui for his foresight. After my husband had total knee replacement in both legs, we really appreciate the spacious lift landing right at our doorstep.

I hope Mr Lui will reconsider his decision and not let the vocal minority affect him. Singapore will lose not only a dedicated and diligent minister but also an MP who was extremely caring and thoughtful towards the residents he served.

Julia Sng (Mrs)

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