Minimise inconvenience of having bicycles on trains

As one who has enjoyed cycling to school and all over Singapore since I was boy in the 1950s, I am glad to see another move to allow cyclists to travel seamlessly ("Trial eases travel curbs on foldable bicycles"; July 21).

Allowing bicycles to be taken onto public buses and trains at all times is a progressive move.

But this has to be done with minimal inconvenience to other passengers.

Hence, I am not in favour of having them on buses, as it would be too disruptive to other commuters, considering the limited space in buses.

I support the move to allow bicycles on trains at all times, with one proviso: Dedicated carriages should be modified for this purpose. These carriages should have no seats and be standing room only.

To make Singapore a "Cycling City", the new measures to benefit cyclists must not inconvenience other commuters.

For any system to run smoothly, it must be harmonious and acceptable by all.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)