Mindset change needed for S'pore to survive

Amid the euphoria of SG50 celebrations about all our successes, we should remember not to take what we have today for granted, and bear in mind that the future could be very different.

While the plague of racism and religious intolerance can destroy us overnight, xenophobia and myopic nationalism can consume us like cancer.

Some Singaporeans are asking, "Aren't Singaporeans talented enough? Why do we need so many foreign talents?" They should be asking, "Are there enough talented Singaporeans? Are there no more foreign talents who can make Singapore better?"

Countries like China and India can, at least theoretically, close their borders and remain great. Even if Singaporeans could survive by eating only grass, we do not have enough land to grow the grass.

Many Singaporeans long nostalgically for the days when the island was much less crowded. They don't realise that a nuclear chain reaction is impossible unless the uranium has reached a critical mass.

Without replenishment, our diminishing population will march towards extinction. In history, how many city-states surrounded by powerful neighbours have survived? America is a superpower mainly because of its talented migrants. For Singapore to be exclusive is to commit suicide.

Ee Teck Ee