Meet seniors' wants to win the silver dollar

Ms Clara Chua Sieo Peng has called for a mall for seniors to be set up ("Set up mall for seniors"; Nov 24).

I live in Toa Payoh, an estate with many senior citizens. From my observations, the facilities in the town centre, while comprehensive, are relatively decentralised.

This means one has still to travel a distance within the town centre to use the various facilities. This is especially inconvenient for the elderly.

Centralising these facilities in one mall will make them much more convenient for the growing silver generation.

This model has been tried and tested in Japan, where the elderly can get a blood test, make their spectacles and buy their groceries all under one roof.

Such a mall should also provide facilities which go beyond the basic needs of the elderly. While healthcare and grocery shopping have become more convenient than before, this silver generation has also developed new wants, such as entertainment and leisure.

Businesses which can meet these wants will win the silver dollar, and have much to gain over the long run.

Lionel Loi Zhi Rui