Measures to curb bird nuisance

We thank Mr Henry Ong Kok Seong for his feedback ("Bird nuisance at eateries a danger to health"; Forum Online, July 21).

Birds are attracted to public eating places because of the availability of food scraps, which are sources of food for them.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) works with the relevant agencies and other stakeholders, including town councils, on various measures to reduce the birds' food supply, including proper waste management and enforcement against litterbugs.

The NEA has reminded the table-cleaning contractor at Geylang Serai Market to step up the clearing of tables and dirty crockery, to ensure the timely disposal of food scraps so as to remove potential food sources for birds.

The NEA will also be installing bird spikes at the centre, during its upcoming repairs and redecoration works in September, to prevent birds from perching on the ceiling beams.

Patrons can also help by not littering, not leaving food scraps on tables, and returning used crockery to the tray return points.

Ivy Ong (Ms)


Hawker Centres Division

National Environment Agency