Many benefits to US-S'pore partnership

United States Ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar and Singapore Ambassador to the US Ashok Mirpuri wrote a wonderful and insightful commentary about the importance and strength of the US-Singapore relationship ("50 years together: US-S'pore progress and partnership"; April 4).

I was enlightened about the progress that has been made over the past 50 years between these two nations, and it made me imagine the possibilities of the next 50 years.

With such a great trade agreement in place between these two nations, I can definitely see why their respective economies have been growing like they have over the years.

That is a beautiful thing that benefits citizens and governments alike in building prosperous futures for all.

When you add in the terrific academic and military relationships between these two nations that benefit so many, the sky is the limit for prosperity.

Jeff Swanson

United States

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