Many benefits of buying resale flat

That more first-time home buyers are opting for resale flats is a desirable trend (More first-time home buyers opting for resale flats; May 3).

We can expect it to continue because of the enhanced Central Provident Fund Housing Grant, the slide in prices and the availability of a bigger pool of flats in desirable locations.

There are other reasons as well.

Older flats are generally more centrally located. They tend to benefit from the various upgrading and home improvement programmes.

Parents of those who buy these resale flats also tend to be more supportive of their children buying flats near them.

Multi-generational families living close together provide mutual support, and this makes sense in a greying population.

Furthermore, compared to Build-To-Order flats, resale flats are a ready and definite option - there is no need to ballot and no need to wait. These are big incentives, especially for couples planning to raise a family.

Gan Kok Tiong