Mandai nature hub can be shining example of conservation

Throughout much of the world, humans continue to take advantage of the earth's natural gifts.

These are grave times, with animals and plants being exploited and wiped out on an unprecedented scale for commercial gain.

Man is causing much havoc to entire ecosystems. If we do nothing, there might not be much left for us to see and benefit from in the not-too-distant future.

Singapore could be a shining example of how nature and urbanisation can be balanced.

It can show that, despite its constraints, such as land scarcity, something can be done to conserve, if not enhance flora and fauna.

This can be achieved at the upcoming Mandai nature hub. There, nature can be managed and made to thrive under controlled conditions.

The world is facing a very serious biodiversity crisis that needs to be dealt with.

Experts and laymen alike must ask themselves: Can we do something about it?

Manoraj Rajathurai