Management agents can use by-laws to act against litterbugs

We thank Mr Larry Teo Seow Pho for his feedback (Do more to stop high-rise littering in condos; Forum Online, May 20).

High-rise littering is an antisocial act and offence that can pose a threat to public health and safety. In public estates, the National Environment Agency (NEA) works with various stakeholders, including town councils and grassroots organisations, to remind residents of the dangers of high-rise littering.

In private estates, NEA is also able to provide support to Management Corporation Strata Titles (MCSTs) to address high-rise littering issues in their estates, should they require it.

MCSTs have existing by-laws or can enact by-laws that are enforceable, especially where public safety and health are concerned.

As such, MCSTs can use their by-laws to take action against any errant owner or tenant who litters.

It is important that residents in private estates such as condominiums, and their respective MCSTs, establish their own guidelines and thresholds on the acceptable social behaviour in their community.

While enforcement will serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders, it is important for every member of the public to play his part in cultivating social graciousness, good habits, and a sense of responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of our shared spaces.

Tony Teo


Environmental Public Health Operations

National Environment Agency