Mall's open ceiling and rats not a good combination

The newly opened Waterway Point mall in Punggol recently had rat infestations ("Diner claims rat disrupted meal at new Punggol mall"; March 28).

The mall's ceiling has an unusual design - it is not fully closed, due to the use of wooden beams.

Rats that may have been on the ceiling may, unfortunately, fall down onto unsuspecting customers.

Moreover, many restaurants on the first floor and basement one have al fresco dining. These open-concept ceilings follow through to the outside. The first floor opens out to The Waterway, a possible haven for rats, and the basement opens out to an outdoor sunken atrium.

Mall designers should beware the downside of having ceilings with an open design.

Meanwhile, I make it a point not to patronise restaurants at Waterway Point which have such open ceilings, as I do not find the possibility of rats falling from the ceiling to be remote enough.

Veronique A. Dawson (Ms)