Making rides on public transport more enjoyable

I note that free Wi-Fi is accessible only within MRT stations and not in the trains ("Free Wi-Fi on the go by 2020"; Oct 13).

Most commuters spend little time in the stations, as they board the train within five minutes of waiting.

Thus, the free Wi-Fi service has limited value for commuters.

Besides, most commuters already have existing data plans to access the Internet on the go.

As one of the objectives of providing Wi-Fi access in the stations is to make taking public transport less boring and more pleasant, transport operators should consider the following services:

- Wi-Fi access in trains and buses for commuters who do not have data plans;

- Access to radio reception in underground stations and trains for those who prefer the use of radios;

- TV broadcasts in trains and buses which are tuned to Channel NewsAsia for the latest news;

- Piped-in music in trains which has been shown to have a calming effect.

Lim Chong Leong