Making better use of underused carpark spaces

While I support Ms Clara Chua Sieo Peng's idea ("Set up mall for seniors"; Nov 24), we also need to think of those who are too frail to make their way to such malls.

I have an alternative vision, which would cater to a larger percentage of the old, as well as to couples who need somewhere to leave their baby during emergencies.

This is to set up "care centres" at the top level of HDB carparks. Even though that level is served by lifts, some are underutilised and could be partitioned for use by neighbourhood residents.

There was something similar at the top carpark level of People's Park Complex. There was a creche there where I could leave my infant son, as my husband and I worked and we had no maid service.

A section of the proposed "carepark" could be set up to sell small items or be a place where people can drop off items to be donated to the needy. It can be manned by "challenged" individuals living nearby.

Another section could be set aside to cater for emergencies, for example, to supplement the police posts that are sadly lacking in most newer estates.

Many needy families, including the elderly who live alone or are too weak to take public transport, could find respite and opportunities to make friends at this "carepark".

This idea will need some planning, but all it takes is one neighbourhood to set it up, and others can follow.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)