Make use of active elderly population

Singaporeans must change their thinking that an ageing population is unproductive and needsspecial support.

With better diet and healthcare today, not all elderly people are unproductive. Many people at 80 are as fit and productive as those at 60.

The idea of a compulsory retirement should not be a rigid system based on age, and should instead be replaced with a more flexible system based on whether the employee wants to continue working.

This will allow more elderly people to continue to be economically productive.

It will also keep more people healthy and active, both physically and mentally.

The older generation also needs help to keep up with the digital age.

Perhaps the Government can employ retirees with basic digital skills to conduct classes for others to learn about technology.

There are many areas where the elderly can help the elderly. The Government should tap this and make full use of those who are active, regardless of age.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)