Make recycling bins more accessible

I acknowledge that South Korea has done far better than Singapore in domestic recycling ("Convenience of rubbish chutes an obstacle" by Mr Choi Chang Min; Nov 4).

Japan and Taiwan are also ahead in their recycling efforts.

However, I disagree that making refuse chutes inconvenient will improve the situation in Singapore.

This is because there is already a significant number of people who do not even throw their rubbish away properly, much less recycle it.

It is not uncommon to see big cardboard boxes blocking the passageway to refuse chutes when the boxes should rightly have been compacted.

High-rise littering, especially of cigarette butts, is also still a problem.

Making refuse chutes less accessible could lead to littering becoming worse.

The focus should be on making recycling bins more accessible to encourage and improve our domestic recycling efforts.

Wong Boon Hong

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