Make radio more elder-friendly

The population of Singapore is ageing rapidly and, as a result, there is a growing number of people who find listening and comprehending news on the radio more and more challenging.

It would be very useful if the radio stations could read the news bulletin once a day, especially for these elderly folk.

It could be read at half the speed, perhaps in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

In addition, I suggest that the programme be run in the evening, when most family members are home. This will be especially helpful for the elderly with dementia, and could potentially become a bonding opportunity for the entire family.

It can also be a great resource for younger children to listen to a slower reading of the news as they, too, will be able to catch on to what is being conveyed, broadening their understanding of the world.

Perhaps stories could be broadcast as well. It would be a great source of entertainment to the elderly, who grew up listening to the radio.

The radio today has changed greatly from that of the past. My grandfather finds it difficult to connect to the wide range of modern music and DJ commentaries, and it would be wonderful if he could again find solace in listening to the radio.

Dhanya Lingesh (Ms)