Make public transport more attractive before going car-lite

I agree with the idea of Singapore moving towards a car-lite society ("Driving to a future with fewer cars"; April 13).

But before we make it even more expensive for people to drive their cars, I suggest that we wait for infrastructure for alternative means of transport to be in place.

For mobility devices, this means better and wider footpaths that have shelters over them for protection from the weather.

For bicycles, a better network of bicycle paths with good connectivity and secure parking spaces are required.

Another suggestion would be to build bigger and reasonably priced parking spaces near MRT or bus stations to encourage people to park and ride.

Let us also build more exits from MRT stations to the different office buildings and shopping malls.

We also have to think of the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities.

People will naturally start using less of their private cars when it is convenient, cost-effective and time-efficient to do so.

Margaret Cobankiat (Ms)