Make public toilets more elder-friendly

I support Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi's call to install more elder-friendly facilities in public toilets ("Install grab bars in public toilets"; Feb 1).

Given the greying population in Singapore, elder-friendly amenities in public toilets in places such as the airport, MRT stations, malls, Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay would benefit many people.

Older people have decreased mobility and stability and may need some help in the toilet.

In addition to grab bars in public toilets, the installation of call bells or intercom systems, linked to customer service centres of major public places, can be a further enhancement. If an elderly person requires urgent help or is in need of physical support, customer service staff can be alerted.

This call bell can be of help to others in the toilet who may be experiencing difficulties when alone, or if they spot suspicious people or activities in the toilet.

Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)