Make popular cycling road truck-free on weekends

Kranji is a popular spot for road cyclists, and many big groups turn up on weekends and public holidays to experience the terrain there.

Neo Tiew Road is one of the few roads in Singapore which offer conditions that challenge cyclists in a different way - the length of the road, the gradient and the curves are just a few of the features which excite cyclists along this stretch of road.

It is also a rare area of Singapore that gives us a good countryside feel.

Unfortunately, this road is also heavily used by large trucks and other vehicles.

Both motorists and cyclists are usually very accommodating when it comes to sharing the road. But on weekends, this becomes especially difficult because of the large number of cyclists.

When I drive along this stretch of road on weekends, I can empathise with the challenges and dangers the cyclists experience.

As we are encouraging healthy living and promoting cycling as a form of exercise, would the authorities consider closing Neo Tiew Road to trucks exceeding three tons on weekends and public holidays from 6am to 10am?

Roger Tan Kia Hock