Make overseas voting less onerous

I am surprised that only 3,104 Singaporeans abroad have registered to vote, as of the end of last month ("Let overseas ballot be cast earlier" by Mr Wen Khai Meng; Aug 19).

The population White Paper reported that 200,000 Singaporeans were living and working overseas in 2012.

According to the Elections Department website, there are only 10 overseas polling stations. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has more than 40 overseas missions.

One of the criteria for overseas voting is that voters must have resided in Singapore for an aggregate of at least 30 days over the past three years prior.

This will definitely rule out many Singaporeans studying and working overseas who do not have the time and finances to come back regularly.

The authorities should look at measures to increase the number of Singaporeans voting overseas.

Philip Eng (Associate Professor)