Make merry, but take care

While we are in a festive mood, it is important that we not let our guard down ("Fireworks to span entire Marina Bay"; Dec 15).

With Christmas and the 2016 countdown around the corner, it will be a great time for celebrations, but safety and security should remain our top priority.

As pickpockets and snatch thieves usually target people in crowds who carry valuables in public, especially in teeming shopping centres, it is incumbent upon us to be more wary of our surroundings.

Untoward events in other countries, like the recent Romanian nightclub fire, should serve as a timely reminder that we must not throw caution to the wind ("Fire at Romanian nightclub leaves 27 dead"; Nov 1).

During this festive period, it is imperative that the Singapore Civil Defence Force conduct more stringent checks on retail shops to ensure that safety standards are maintained.

To this end, shop owners should refrain from having merchandise lying in passageways, as this poses a hazard to shoppers who may find it difficult to find their way out quickly in an emergency.

In other words, safe public conditions should not be compromised.

As we bring our jubilee celebrations to a close, and at the same time look forward to a better 2016, it is good for us to be safe and sane during the celebratory period.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng