Make it easier to use motorcycles

I strongly support Mr Kunjan Vasudevan's idea ("Motorcycles can play role in push to be car-lite"; March 7).

I have used cars, motorcycles, bicycles and public transport to get around. More often than not, my preferred choice is a motorcycle.

With some government initiatives, using a motorcycle can be cheaper and more convenient than a car or public transport.

The single biggest concern when using a motorcycle is safety.

From my observation, the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents here occur on expressways. Often, it involves a car or truck, and happens when the motorcyclist is in between lanes or is being tailgated by other motorists.

I hope the Land Transport Authority can consider developing a peak-hour or whole-day dedicated motorcycle lane on our expressways.

The extreme left lane can be used for this purpose, and other road users can use this lane only for exits or entry. An alternative is the road shoulder.

Another issue motorcyclists face is the lack of parking space, especially in the town area.

Most private buildings in the Central Business District do not provide parking spaces for motorcycles. However, there is a lot of space that can be used for this purpose.

For instance, I have noticed that at Shaw Centre, there are many unoccupied parking spaces around the corners, as the spaces are too small for cars. Motorcyclists would love to use them.

These initiatives can make it even more convenient to ride a motorcycle.

Henry Ong Ling Tiong