Make it easier for shoppers to retrieve items

Supermarkets have increasingly provided ease of shopping by staying open 24/7.

However, it has been getting increasingly frustrating trying to retrieve items placed on higher shelves and hard-to-reach locations. Usually, there is also no staff member around to help. Cashiers are too busy attending to long queues at checkout counters.

I can understand the need to optimise shelf layout space, as well as the number of staff at each store.

But this has to be balanced against the convenience of customers, particularly those of average height.

Perhaps the management of supermarkets could look into the following to make their stores more customer-friendly:

- Have stools available for customers to retrieve items on high shelves and hard-to-reach places.

- Provide service assistance buzzers at strategic locations so that customers can alert staff when help is needed.

Lim Teck How