Make it 'cooler' to take public transport

I refer to Mr Amarjit Wasan's letter ("Fulfilling car aspirations, curbing congestion"; Forum Online, July 2) and to the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) long-term plans to urge commuters to use public transport.

I hope the LTA will identify the top 50 to 100 bus stops with the highest concentration of waiting commuters to install a mist-cooling jet system.

For example, the installation should be at bus stops that are linked by covered walkways to MRT stations, and at MRT interchange stations where there are only ceiling fans and no air-conditioning system.

The LTA should also install the system along our walkways to encourage more people to walk and cycle.

This will further transform not only Singapore but also our way of life.

However, it will not come cheap, due to the cost of maintenance and electricity.

In our humid weather condition, the mist-cooling system will be worth having, to encourage many people to opt for public transport instead of driving.

Tan Kok Tim

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