Make hawker centres more child-friendly

Hawker centres are an important part of our national heritage. I take my three young children to hawker centres so that they can learn to appreciate simple pleasures in life, knowing that good deals don't always have to be expensive ones.

However, it can be quite difficult for young children to dine comfortably at most hawker centres because of the way the tables and seats are constructed.

The gap between the table and the seat is too large for children below seven to reach the food and feed themselves independently. They often have to stand in order to reach their food.

Perhaps a small proportion of tables and seats could be converted to those of a lower height. The seats could also be affixed closer to the tables so that children can comfortably feed themselves.

Some newer hawker centres, such as the one at Ci Yuan Community Club, have introduced such seating arrangements, as well as bench seats so that patrons, young and old can enjoy the joys of hawker dining.

Child-height wash basins could also be installed so that children can observe good hygiene before and after meals.

Grace Tan Meiyi (Miss)