Make filing SkillsFuture claims easier for non-tech-savvy people

It is laudable that the Government is encouraging Singaporeans, including seniors, to take up skills training by giving $500 to learners through the SkillsFuture Credit scheme.

However, I have found the experience of submitting the claim cumbersome.

It is also a hassle to submit the receipt electronically, as one needs to have a SingPass password, a scanner to scan the receipt, a printer to keep track of the transaction and, finally, one must be tech-savvy to navigate through the "maze" in the e-form.

I wonder why the Government makes it mandatory for applicants to send the form through electronic means, when a simple application form, with an attached receipt to the proper authorities, will do.

The claims for SkillsFuture credits should be made as simple as possible, especially for the non-tech-savvy, the elderly, the handicapped and those who do not possess a computer.

Better still, let us submit the claims, with receipts attached, by post.

David Kwok Ng Kan