Make every drop of water count

The report on Oct 25 ("One in nine has no access to clean water") made for an interesting read. It is a real and very frightening statistic.

Depending on where one lives, water can be abundant or scarce.

Water is nature's gift to humans. For the more fortunate ones, it comes in the form of rain, flowing into catchment areas, canals and reservoirs to be processed into safe drinking water.

More than half of the earth's water supply is needed for agricultural and industrial needs.

In some places, water is not safe for consumption because of sewage from agricultural and industrial pollution.

Water is available at a very affordable price, but the scarcity of this item is a real and serious problem. Concerted steps need to be taken to ensure that there will be a constant supply of water to the land - lest it becomes a rare commodity.

Countries large and small must make a concerted effort to combat climate change, which can lead to prolonged drought, storms, floods and even tsunamis, and cause destruction and despair.

Singaporeans are lucky in that the country had the foresight to build recycling and desalination plants - the Republic is even in a position to help countries that require its expertise.

Water is cheap, but it is also very precious. We must treasure it and make every drop count.

Neo Poh Goon