Make block numbers more prominent

I am grateful that the Land Transport Authority recognises the needs of the elderly ("Ways to help seniors enjoy a smoother ride"; Aug 21).

Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport Josephine Teo, referring to public transport, had said that "a very important part (for seniors) is to be able to move around easily without a high degree of stress".

The same sentiment should apply to housing estates.

Most of the block numbers are placed on the fourth level, and trees often block the numbers from view.

Take Bishan Street 23, where there is a large cluster of HDB blocks. From the Bishan Active Park, my senior friends and I find it difficult to locate the block we want to go to, particularly at night.

Would the Housing Board consider painting the block numbers in large, bold and luminous paint on the top level, and on several sides of the blocks?

This will help visitors find their way around easily and with minimal stress.

Choo Swi Neo (Madam)