Mahathir's re-entry to politics an impressive feat

Dr Mahathir Mohamad gestures at a polling station during the 14th general election in Alor Setar, on May 9, 2018. PHOTO: AFP

The recent victory of the opposition in the Malaysian general election has demonstrated the resilience and remarkable wisdom of Mahathir Mohammad.

At 92 years old and after a hiatus of a decade and a half, it was inconceivable that Tun Dr Mahathir could still make a successful comeback to the political stage and become the oldest statesman in the world.

This is impressive.

Dr Mahathir has always been the astute politician - shrewd, alert and attuned to the winds of change in both regional and international affairs.

Still, many observers were surprised with his re-entry to politics.

Indeed, many people among us and also across the Causeway are impressed with his tenacity and resilience.

We are also very much intrigued with how Dr Mahathir, as a nonagenarian, remains so healthy and mentally sharp. He moves about easily without any aids and is as articulate as ever.

Not many of our elderly citizens are in the state of health he is in.

Despite the many tribulations and vexing problems between Singapore and Malaysia during his 1981-2003 tenure as prime minister of Malaysia, I hope bilateral relations between the two sides will get a renewed lease of life.

Zhang Guocheng

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