MacRitchie Reservoir needs urgent fix

I visited MacRitchie Reservoir recently and was terribly disappointed to see the state it was in.

Some areas clearly need urgent fixing.

First, the green coating road surface of the upper storey public car-park has peeled-off and driving in wet weather can be hazardous.

Second, the canteen food offering is limited and perhaps the authorities should put out a tender for a 24-hour convenience stall or more food-vending machines.

Third, the old exhibits can be revamped and moved up the hill-top, which is now vacant.

This hill-top site can be developed by National Library Board as a future library and perhaps more outdoor seating provided for people to sit and read in the tranquil of the scenic reservoir.

Lastly, to prevent the usual evening traffic bottleneck along Lornie Road towards Thomson Road, the Urban Redevelopment Authority could consider offering free parking every weekday after 5pm.

This will divert traffic to the area and create more buzz, and possibly attract more business.

Don't confine the use of our reservoirs to just water sports. They have the potential to be popular hot spots for people in Singapore and tourists as well.

Colin Ong Tau Shien