LTA should look at fixing less obvious 'accident spots' too

It is heartening to note that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is taking steps to make crossing safer for pedestrians (LTA acts to ease worries over some road crossings; Oct 16).

But besides the obvious "accident-prone" spots such as traffic light junctions and zebra crossings, the LTA should look at other unusual spots.

One example is the pedestrian crossing in Thomson Road, in front of Thomson Road Baptist Church.

As the pedestrian crossing at the nearest traffic light is a distance away, the LTA cut an opening through the concrete road divider, allowing pedestrians to cross.

Many drivers, however, are not aware of the pedestrian crossing.

More visible signage should be put up to alert drivers to the obscured pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrians there are also exposed to danger from vehicles turning left from Suffolk Walk as it is too close to the opening.

I am sure there are many other similar, unusual accident-prone spots in Singapore and the hope is that the LTA will now spend more time and effort identifying and fixing them.

Lawrence Law Cher Khiam